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Discover Greater Passion And Purpose In Your Work And Relationships

If you’re suffering from boredom, burnout, stagnancy or toxicity in your career and sex life, then this is your wake-up call.

Feel Like Something’s Missing Both at Work and in the Bedroom?

Screaming orgasms are one of the greatest highs we can experience in our personal lives. So why should we demand anything less in our professional lives?

Especially for women, success in the boardroom has tons of parallels with how steamy things are in the bedroom.

If you feel stuck and frustrated in your job or career…

If you feel bored and unfulfilled in the bedroom…

If you sense your personal and professional frustrations are intertwined but don’t know why…

You’re not alone. GS4CS will show you how to have great sex and great business.

Break free and learn the spicy subjects they forgot to cover in business school, including:


The secrets to creating stronger bonds with clients and colleagues


How masturbation can give you the courage to try new entrepreneurial directions


How to tell a one-night stand from true connection

Exploding Success

Why landing a big client feels like seducing a lover

Plus countless other insights that bring a much-needed dose of truth to women’s personal and professional experiences.

Antonia Murphy

 In nine sexy, sassy chapters, Tracy explains how women’s capacity for empathy can help us read the room, connect with career-changing clients, and take our networking game to new heights—while having mind-bending sex in our off-hours. Forget KPI and CTR—GSPOT is the new business acronym you need to know!

— Antonia Murphy, feminist entrepreneur and author of DIRTY CHICK (Penguin Random House 2015)

Stephanie Dillon

 A must-read for anyone seeking to unlock their full potential, both personally and professionally, while simultaneously providing a refreshing perspective on the importance of embracing passion, chemistry and pleasure, in and out of the work place-such a valuable resource.

— Stephanie Dillon, multi-medium artist, philanthropist, and writer for Rolling Stone and Artful Living

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Meet Tracy Call

Tracy is the founder and CEO of Media Bridge, a Minneapolis-based creative marketing agency. In her early entrepreneurial ventures, Tracy felt the pain of conforming to others’ expectations. Because she lacked self-awareness and confidence in her identity, a series of compromises stalled her personal and professional growth.

But when Tracy founded Media Bridge, she transformed her struggling solo practice into a $100 million+ enterprise that has repeatedly ranked on the Inc. 5000 list.

As an LGBTQ+ business leader, Tracy has learned the importance of forging meaningful relationships in all aspects of life. Her insights shape her holistic approach to achieving personal and professional fulfillment.

With decades of experience as an entrepreneur, advocate and mentor, Tracy is uniquely qualified to guide readers to greater passion and purpose by embracing their full selves.

This book pushes you out of your comfort zone, leaving you stimulated and hungry for more. Get ready to conquer the boardroom and the bedroom one daring conversation at a time. 

–Sue Hawkes, Speaker, Author of CHASING PERFECTION – Shatter the Illusion, and Expert EOS Implementer™

Sarah Edwards

If you are a woman who has ever made herself smaller in a meeting, faked an orgasm or had a hard time being brutally honest with your needs and desires…this book is for you.

–Sarah Edwards, Founder and President of Haus or Sonder, Co-Founder of Fashion Week MN, Master Connector and Influencer.

Who is this book for?


Women seeking confidence in male-dominated industries

LGTBQ Professionals

LGBTQ professionals navigating workplace dynamics

Entrepreneurs and executives

Entrepreneurs and executives who want to lead with heart


Anyone who wants to experience greater fulfillment in work and relationships

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You deserve more.

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G Spot for the C Suite

In sex and business, women bear the weight of added expectations while men feel freer to be transactional. Men need to change their double standards. Women need to help each other instead of competing for male approval.

G Spot for the C Suite

To be good in both business and sex, you need to figure out who you are. If you constantly adapt to other people or try to be who you’re supposed to be, then you’ll never be happy.

G Spot for the C Suite

The chemistry you feel with a lover is different from the chemistry you feel with a client, colleague or coworker. But if you don’t feel a spark in your current romantic relationship, then you probably don’t feel one in your job, either.

G Spot for the C Suite

Every person has a different personal and professional G spot. A good businesswoman knows how to find them.

Disclaimer: All individuals and stories featured in “G Spot for the C Suite” have provided explicit consent for their experiences and narratives to be included in this publication. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental and not intended by the author. G Spot for the C Suite shares insights based on my personal experiences.  I am aware that the complexities surrounding these matters in personal and professional relationships extend far beyond the dynamics between cisgender men and women. All rights reserved.